As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt schools nationwide, students are falling behind, according to a report from McKinsey & Company. Three researchers from the University of Southern California have published their findings on the impact of pandemics on international student mobility (ISM), and four education researchers have presented their…

Online learning platforms have proliferated in recent years, and it’s really not hard to see why: They are cheaper, faster and more accessible than ever.

Using these platforms to communicate with teachers, other students, look up course materials and attend online courses is a vital part of a successful…

Educate the future.

The education industry was one of those industries that were in need of transformation. 2020 — Covid enabled many of such industries to adopt and accept technology even more so. …


We’re a web-based video conferencing tool that gets your class online in one simple step. Our tool is designed for educators to engage their audience.

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